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About Blue Falcon Board Gaming

Blue Falcon Board Gaming hopes to promote positive mental health through the hobby of board gaming. It is our goal to bring value to your personal life and the board gaming community whether you're already an avid board gamer, a board game weekend warrior, or haven't played a board game since childhood.

The creator of Blue Falcon Board Gaming, Corey, is a United States Marine Corps Veteran with an overall service-connected disability rating of 100%. He served from 2006-2010 and had a combat deployment to Iraq in 2008.  

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What To Expect

Blue Falcon Board Gaming plans to upload blog posts, how-to-play videos, board game review videos, live-stream plays, and much more. Content creation is a completely new thing for us, and while learning all of the ins and outs of it is terrifying, we are excited about where this journey will lead. 

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