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Blog Post #1- Why Blue Falcon?

"Look! Up in the sky! It's a bird!"

Blue Falcon is a euphemism often used in the military community to refer to "that guy". Military or civilian though, we all know "that guy"; the one who is quick to throw someone else under the proverbial bus, whether intentionally or through sheer incompetence, or is quick to do something that only benefits themselves while making life harder for their peers.

In Full Metal Jacket when Private Pyle sneaks a jelly donut, is caught by the drill instructor, and as a result the entire platoon is punished for his actions… Blue Falcon.

When your co-worker coordinates a huge donation delivery but magically disappears when it arrives leaving you to do all of the manual labor of unloading and moving it into the donation room… Blue Falcon.

It's definitely not a label of endearment that you want to be bestowed upon you. In case you haven't picked up on it yet, the euphemism replaces the term "buddy fucker". So why did I pick it? When trying to decide on a name for this content platform I wanted to make sure that it would catch the attention of other Veterans, and the one thing I could guarantee that all Veterans would notice is the term Blue Falcon.

Now I'm sure we've all done it before while gaming, you catch onto what your opponents' strategy is and you make a move specifically to disrupt it. It could be that you decide to spend your turn to take a specific resource, that you honestly don't even need, just so your opponent, who desperately needs it to complete their master plan, cannot obtain it. Or you move to a specific location, that has nothing of benefit to you, just so that your opponent cannot go to that location. Some may argue that that's just channeling their inner Sun Tzu and are attacking the enemy's plan by denying resources and land… but Nay! I say, they are channeling their inner Blue Falcon to screw over those around them for their own personal benefit, which ultimately is victory.

Now I do want to make it clear that the above paragraph is made in jest. The intellectual battle of strategy implementation, area control, resource management, etc is an aspect that makes board gaming fun. It's entirely possible to be seen as an ACTUAL Blue Falcon in board gaming. These are often the players that derail a cooperative campaign by taking some sort of action that is a complete detriment to the entire party solely because "that's what their character would do" or because their character is "chaotic neutral". Being an actual Blue Falcon in board gaming is one of the quickest ways to suck the fun out of the game, and it's one of the quickest ways to not be invited back to the table.

No one wants to invest their time, money, and energy into board gaming to have a miserable time, so don't be "that guy"... an ACTUAL Blue Falcon... but by all means, if your opponent hasn't secured that vital resource or space yet to make their plan work, channel that inner Blue Falcon to spread those beautiful blue wings of yours and dive in to claim it. Remember, being a buddy is only half of it.

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